Our Purpose...Medical Veritas International Inc.

(1)  recognizes that medical modalities promoted by public health departments and authorities are often compromised by conflicts of interest with pharmaceutical companies and other political and personal agendas. These areas of detrimental influence include, but are not limited to, the following:  vaccinations, pharmaceutical drugs, pregnancy, childbirth, and child care practices, treatments for cancer, AIDS and other diseases, food additives, pesticides and herbicides, water fluoridation, dental procedures, including amalgams, medical procedures and surgeries.
(2)  investigates health studies done for the benefit of profit rather than public health.
(3)  encourages independent research into disease and the effects of approved medical modalities whose “proven" safety may be potentially flawed.
(4)  publishes data by independent researchers, as well as observations by parents and others.
(5)  values the experiences of laypersons as a means of encouraging physicians and scientists to consider medical evidence instead of medical theories.
(6)  exposes medical falsehoods by looking more circumspectly at the available evidence.
(7)  confronts dishonest and harmful medical practices by providing honest research, data, analyses and  conclusions.
(8)  challenges the medical establishment and government health agencies to adhere to their role as protectors of human health, not as purveyors of harm for their own gain.
(9)  promotes proper diet and nutrition as the first line of defense against illness, supporting wellness rather than continuous disease and treatment cycles.
(10) promises never to acquiesce or enrich itself at the hands of those wishing to silence the truth.
(11) resolves to maintain its primary goal of mitigating healthcare problems by creating a new paradigm through a synthesis of all primary healthcare paths, eliminating aspects not standing up to close scrutiny.
(12) supports initiatives toward all healthcare providers, including dentists, physicians, midwives, chiropractors, parents, nurses, and others.
(13) educates and empowers medical professionals and laypersons in ways to protect their own health that will have a dynamic impact on improving medical treatment worldwide.
(14) pledges to seek out the truth and demonstrate the wisdom to effectively convey it with compassion from the heart.

Medical Veritas® is a Registered Trademark.