Complementary Downloads
Response to Dr. Ari Brown and the Immunization Action Coalition by Andrew J. Wakefield, MB, BS, FRCS, FRCPath; Mark Blaxill, MBA; Boyd Haley, PhD; Anissa Ryland; Daniel Hollenbeck, BS; Jane Johnson; James Moody, JD; Carol Stott, PhD (398 KB)
Gastrointestinal Pathology in Autism: Description and Treatment by Arthur Krigsman, MD (544KB)   Interview with Dr. Martha Herbert—Autism: a brain disorder or a disorder that affects the brain? (132KB)
Analysis of causes that led to Evyn Vaughn's respiratory arrest, intracranial and retinal bleeding, and death by M. A. Al-Bayati (418KB) Analysis of causes that led to baby Ron James Douglas' cardiopulmonary arrest, bleeding (intracranial, retinal, and pulmonary), and rib fracture by M. A. Al-Bayati (552 KB)
Analysis of causes that led to baby Huda Sharif's intracranial and retinal bleeding and fraction of left humerus and the 7th rim by M. A. Al-Bayati (253 KB) Analysis of causes that led to rib and skull fractures, sudden illness, intracranial bleeding, and death in the case of toddler Roman Pitts by M. A. Al-Bayati (234 KB)
Analysis of causes that led to rib and skull fractures and intracranial bleeding in the case of the premature triplets Parneet, Sukhsaihaj, and Imaan by M. A. Al-Bayati (270KB) When evidence-based medicine (EBM) fuels confusion: multiple sclerosis after hepatitis B vaccine as a case in point by Dr. Marc Girard (278KB)
Analysis of causes that led to subdural bleeding, skull and rib fractures, and death in the case of baby Averial Buie by M. A. Al-Bayati, Ph.D., DABT, DABVT (702KB) The truth behind the vaccine cover-up by Russell L. Blaylock, MD (143KB)
Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA): Conflicts of interest and vaccine development—preserving the integrity of the process, by Dan Burton, Chairman (267KB) Feature Article
Key realities about vaccines, sub-acute mercury poisoning, and autism-like symptoms by Paul G. King, Ph.D. and Gary S. Goldman, Ph.D. (432KB)
Analysis of causes that led to baby Jackie Ray's developmental delay and intracranial bleeding by M. A. Al-Bayati, Ph.D., DABT, DABVT (128KB) The hCG diet protocol: two case studes by Gary S. Goldman, Ph.D. (63KB)
The dangerous impurities of vaccines by Janine Roberts (142 KB)   Shaken Baby Syndrome: actual innocence petition by Kent R. Holcomb (92 KB)
Medical Veritas Articles in Russian
Review--Thimerosal and autism: A renewed issue by Dr. Ali Saber Mohamed
Mercury toxicity: genetic susceptibility and synergistic effects by Dr. Boyd E. Haley
Editorial-Why is the Hepatitis B vaccine still mandated? by Andrew Maniotis, PhD; Rita Maniotis; N. Joseph Espat, MD; Xue Chen, MD; Peter Lycos, PhD
Why case-control studies showed no association between Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and vaccinations by Valentina A. Soldatenkova, MSc
Being or not being an "activist", that is the question by by Marc Girard
Twenty-one frequently asked questions/answers concerning birthing procedures and vaccines by Donna Young and Gary S. Goldman, PhD
The truth behind the vaccine cover-up by Russell L. Blaylock, MD
Response to Dr. Ari Brown and the Immunization Action Coalition by A. J. Wakefield, MB, BS, FRCS, FRCPath; M. Blaxill, MBA; B. Haley, PhD; A. Ryland; D. Hollenbeck, BS; J. Johnson; J. Moody, JD; C. Stott, PhD
ADDITIONAL RESOURCES on Varicella Vaccination and SBS*
Date Source Title Author View PDF
May 31, 2006 Chicago Tribune Chickenpox party, anyone? Julie Deardorff R0001 (89.4kb)
Nov.-Dec., 2005 Mothering Magazine Trading Chickenpox for Shingles Staff Writer R0002 (293kb)
1999 Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 1999;61:1031-1064 Modeling the Effects of Varicella Vaccination Programs on the Incidence of Chickenpox and Shingles Matthew C. Schuette and Herbert W. Hethcote R0003 (464kb)
December 10, 2006 The Messenger Chickenpox Outbreak Matt Clower R0004 (52.0kb)
2005 Abstract Medline Bias Against Nutritional Medicine Unspecified R0005 (57.3kb)
Spring 2006 Jounal of American Physicians and Surgeons Treating Herpes Zoster with Vitamin C: Two Case Reports Jane M. Orient, M.D. R0006 (97.1kb)
February 3, 2005 New York Times Chickenpox Vaccine Cuts Deaths but Raises Questions on Shingles Andrew Pollack R0007 (30.2kb)
June 16, 2005 BMC Public Health The incidence of varicella and herpes zoster in Massachusetts as measured by the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) during a period of increasing varicella vaccine coverage,1998–2003 W. Katherine Yih, Daniel R. Brooks, Susan M. Lett, Aisha O Jumaan, Zi Zhang, Karen M. Clements, and Jane F. Seward R0008 (304kb)
January 1977 Pediatrics,59(1) Commentary: Protection against varicella Philip A. Brunell, M.D. R0009 (140kb)
Jul./Aug., 2005 International Journal of Toxicolory; 24(4):205-213 Universal Varicella Vaccination: Efficacy Trends and Effect on Herpes Zoster Gary S. Goldman, Ph.D. R0010 (140kb)
Sept./Oct., 2006 International Journal of Toxicology; 25(5):313-317 Commentary: The Case against Universal Varicella Vaccination Gary S. Goldman, Ph.D. R0011 (66kb)
April 7, 2007 Lancet 2007; 369:1232 Varicella vaccination in a child with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia Schrauder A, Henke-Gendo C, Seidemann K, Sasse M, Cario G, Moericke A, Schrappe M, Heim A, Wessel A R0012 (79kb)
January 18, 2007 EWORLDWIRE Press Release: Revealing Research About Vaccines--Dr. Gary Goldman Exposes Childhood Chickenpox Vaccination and the Epidemic of Corruption Goldman GS R0013 (46kb)
August, 2001 Journal of Australasian College of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine, 20(2):5-8,15 Shaken Baby Syndrome Diagnosis On Shaky Ground Scheibner V R0014 (106kb)
January 8, 2009 The One Click Group: Health Advocacy (News Archives 2541) U.K. Health Protection Agency Slams Chickenpox Vaccine Stone John R0015 (91kb)
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